Bathtub DURI

France, a private apartment in Versailles. Completed in 2019.

Bathtub DURI

Chalet Méribel in the French Alps. Completed in 2019.


Two projects for the Hotel Reiters Golf & Country Club in Bad Tatzmannsdorf,  in Austria (2022 - 2023).

OFURO - Wersal


France, a private apartment in Versailles. Completed in 2019.

COIBA walnut

Exhibition in Vienna.


Spain, Tenerife: two projects completed for a private SPA, 2021.



Our minimalist Japanese-style wooden bathtub.


Free-standing bathtub / round

Bathtub KAYES

France, a private apartment in Paris. Completed in 2023.

Bathtub DURI

Chalet Méribel in the French Alps. Completed in 2019.

Wooden bathtub. Uncompromised beauty.

MICHOR handmade wooden bathtubs are made of selected hardwood varieties with meticulous attention to detail. 
Each element is designed and manufactured at MICHOR Poland, in compliance with the highest standards.

Mindful of environmental concerns, we only use ecological materials, such as wood, and do our utmost to reduce the negative footprint of the manufacturing process. Sustainable production is our goal. We design our products to minimize waste, and their simple forms are meant to ensure that almost every single piece of wood is put to good use.

Custom-made design

We work on projects for private clients, as well as hotels and SPA centres. All our products are made to order.

Our project 2022 - 2023: furnishing two apartments in the hotel with Japanese-style OFURO bathtubs with platform.

Hotel: Reiters Golf & Country Club Bad Tatzmannsdorf in Austria |

Our cooperation with an architectural firm: BEHF Architects from Vienna  |

Waterproof and safe surface

A tested system of wood preservation that is used also for yachts guarantees total water resistance. Each tub is impregnated for 10 days using safe and certified preservatives OSMO made from natural ingredients and the process is divided into several stages.

Each wooden bathtub undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction.

Realization 2020, house in Zurich
Bathtub OFURO


Advanced skills and a modern approach to the manufacturing process make us a leader in the design and implementation of a unique range of products.

Our bathtubs are made from 100% solid wood laid in three layers. The advantages:
- high component stability and strength,
- no risk of cracking and twisting,
- high resistance to humidity.

Natural design

Wood is a natural living material that is perfect for solutions that correspond to the house design and taste of individual customers. A wooden bathtub warms up the interior and makes us feel safe and closer to nature in our own house.


Create your private SPA. Our products will give your home a complete makeover.

"Putting our own name on the company represents our commitment to guarantee top manufacturing quality for every product".

Ryszard Michór
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Our company is 
nearly 50 years old

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We are active in more
than 15 countries across Europe,

we also ship our products to the US

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Of our products 
are made to order

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