Timeless and trendy, creative and functional, individualistic and standardized... Furniture design is a process that often teems with paradoxes. Designers need to keep an eye out for human needs, both the practical and the aesthetic, and to juggle diverse demands. Our aesthetic philosophy is rooted in a love of minimalism, simplicity and subtle detail that softly brings out the whole. Elegance, moderation and purity of form are our chief principles. Our furniture is designed in a considered and logical manner that heeds the demands of measure and dimension, so that individual modules of the collection can be freely put together to create a novel harmonious whole.


Press gently to open... An ingenious  “push to open” feature allows the purity of form to be preserved by eliminating the need for handles, while guide rails and hinges are fitted with brakes to ensure silent door closing. Any free-standing or suspended washbasin will go well with the collection. An extra source of lighting comes from built-in energy-saving LEDs hidden in the upper and the lower part of the mirror. Pure Touch stands out for sophisticated, subtle details, such as angle-milled edges and delicate lengthwise indentations in front panels that create a sophisticated chiaroscuro effect. Perfect mitre-cut connections between the panels represent the height of woodworking technology and underscore the overall unity of the solid.

Collection LINE

An austere, minimalist form for symmetry lovers. The leading motif of the furniture consists of lines running lengthwise along its exterior ; these are created by special incisions in the front panels, which are meant to serve as handles. The upper drawer is equipped with an opening support system to further increase its comfort of use. We have ensured a silent closing system, top-quality accessories, perfect workmanship and the best wood. The cabinet is dedicated for washbasins with an integrated counter. The modules fitted directly underneath cannot be opened, which creates great opportunities for using various counter types in terms of the angle of placement, size and depth.


Minimalism at its purest. Open shelves impart a sense of lightness, while the solid washbasin counter gives an overall structure to the collection and underscores its horizontal layout. This makes it possible to use washbasins of any size and shape, which can be placed in the location of your choice. Horizontal cabinets, the lower one with a drawer and the upper one with a side-hung door, are identical in shape and size. The high cabinet, the low cabinet and the shelf can also be combined in different arrangements. Importantly, the furniture is equipped with a “push to open” system, allowing its clean form to be preserved and boosting the comfort of use.


Minimalism, purity of form and functionality. A collection of furniture with clearly outlined, convenient handles incised in the front panels, as well as thick counters and plinths that underscore its solidity. The collection is rounded out by top-quality accessories, including ingenious elements specifically designed to increase the comfort of use in the bathroom space. From functional drawers with organizers for small items and a large wardrobe with drawers to a low cabinet with convenient shelves/compartments, everything has been designed to facilitate use and make sure that any configuration of individual elements will create a coherent whole.

Collection HAZE

Haze is an ideal choice for lovers of discreet luxury and modern, functional interiors. The collection stands out for its modern style and a sense of lightness, with subtle details such as delicate indentations around the exterior of the furniture, which underscore the simplicity of form and the thick counters. The combination of wood and glass used in the upper cabinet endows the space with easy but sophisticated elegance. A characteristic mirror has an ingenious pull-out shelf, which allows all small items to be kept tidy, within reach and ready to use. All MICHOR collections are designed to make sure that any configuration of furniture elements will result in a harmonious whole, since individual components act as modules that permit various arrangements. The furniture is also equipped with a “push to open” system to preserve a clean form and boost the comfort of use.

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