Our modern designer bathroom furniture is made from 100% solid wood laid in three layers  (lengthwise-crosswise-lengthwise). The advantages of the material include:
- high component stability and strength,
- no risk of cracking and twisting,
- high resistance to humidity.

Exquisite workmanship and attention to detail, certified top-quality materials and components delivered only by trusted suppliers. Before it can be used in furniture, wood needs to have a special texture and unique appearance, achieved through several years of open-air seasoning, followed by mechanical drying, which give the material an optimal structure, humidity and hardness.


Our furniture is made using KLEIBERIT, a polyurethane glue that hardens in humid conditions, dedicated for creating stable connections with top parameters, such as excellent heat resistance, compliant with the DIN/EN 14257 standard (WATT91), and high water resistance (D4 in accordance with DIN EN 204). KLEIBERIT is a next-generation glue that respects the environment and meets the highest quality standards. Our company has already used KLEIBERIT for nearly 10 years to manufacture wooden bathtubs and washbasins, possibly the most demanding bathroom furniture products, and has long ranked among the world's leading manufacturers in the sector.

Hard Wax Oil
Original OSMO

Natural OSMO wood oils penetrate deep into the pore structure of the wood and release active substances that protect it against adverse outside factors, such as the impact of humidity. Even so, OSMO coats never suffocate the wood with an airtight film. Covered with just a microporous coat, the wood continues to breathe freely, improves air quality in the room and shows excellent antistatic properties (attracts less dust).

All OSMO wood coats are based on natural oils and waxes that allow the precious natural properties of the material to be maintained.

Ecological materials

Mindful of environmental concerns, we only use ecological materials, such as wood, and do our utmost to reduce the negative footprint of the manufacturing process. Sustainable production is our goal. We design our products to minimize waste, and their simple forms are meant to ensure that almost every single piece of wood is put to good use.



Functionality is yet another feature that sets our furniture apart. Many of its details are specifically designed to facilitate use, while top-quality accessories additionally boost user comfort and pleasure. The furniture comes with many extra functions to meet the challenges of practical use and ergonomics; keeping in mind the way humans move around the bathroom space, they have been designed to make it easier to keep the bathroom clean and orderly.