Company history:

1975 | Józef Michór graduates from the School of Carpentry and begins to work at a local carpenter's shop.
1988 | He goes to Libya on a three-year contract as a door production manager for Budimex.
1991 | He returns to Poland and sets up his own carpenter's shop to manufacture doors, windows, stairs and untypical furniture exclusively made of solid wood. The products are mostly sold on the local Polish market, but orders also come in from Germany, Denmark and Sweden.
2014 | The carpenter's shop is taken over by Józef's son, Ryszard, who has observed his father at work and participated in various projects in the shop since early childhood. In 2011, he graduates in management from the Jagiellonian University and goes on to work in international corporations until, in the end, he decides to return to the family business. International company promotion boosts sales in the US, France and Italy. The products are purchased by spas, hotels and a growing number of private customers. The company continually increases it emphasis on manufacturing quality, procedures, solid, tried-and-tested technologies, as well as its top-quality ecological material: wood.
2019 | Company products are recognized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the company receives EU funding to design and implement the production of a modern and ecological collection of bathroom furniture.
> In 2021, the business is scheduled to expand with the opening of the first brand store.
"Putting our own name on the company represents our commitment to guarantee top manufacturing quality for every product".
Ryszard Michór​


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